Climate Change Conspiracy? Aah, Nope, Nope, Nope

RANT WARNING Some readers might know that I don’t mind the odd conspiracy theory. A few of these theories are “pretty wacky”.  Some of them I adhere to because they are possible or plausible – not because I believe them to be absolute truths – mostly because they are in some way or on some level more believable than the ‘official line’.  At least, to me they are…  They also may play a supporting role in the veracity of other semi-connected conspiracy theories that I find at least somewhat believable. This is the thing with conspiracy theories.  Once you place … Continue reading Climate Change Conspiracy? Aah, Nope, Nope, Nope

“Trickle down” environment policy… WTF?

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“Trickle down” environment policy… WTF? Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICTATOR, in record time! What’s with the rabid right, and their obsession with the idea of “Trickle down” policies? During the start of the GFC when Rudd announced his stimulus package, the LNP were up in arms about handing out money to the poor and disadvantaged, along with the HIP (Home Insulation Program), and the BER (Building Education Revolution), which despite all the rhetoric from the rabid right, were hugely successful programs that did exactly what was required at the time, to keep Australia’s economy… Continue reading “Trickle down” environment policy… WTF?

Foxes In The Henhouse

ADDENDUM: I posted this back in February, and it is still valid, I think.  Since then, the foxes have been salivating at their seemingly endless menu of victims, and have eaten quite a few more helpless souls.  And the Number 1 fox, doing his utmost to divert attention from his and his government’s cruelty and ineptitude, has (in no particular order): declared war on Russia found and then lost a missing plane failed to retrieve ‘bodies, and parts of bodies’ (and save them from the ‘ravages of heat, and of animals’) that were disgorged from another plane in Ukraine and also declared … Continue reading Foxes In The Henhouse

Renewable energy rant

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Alright, so let’s, for the next few minutes, pretend that the current Australian government (or any, for that matter) knows what they’re talking about. Imagine if climate change/global warming really were just coincidences, and that humans have no impact on our planet, or that the planet simply isn’t getting warmer, just as the coalition would like us to think, and then tell me one reason why we shouldn’t be phasing into completely relying on renewable energy. Other than ‘but Tony’s ‘friends’ like Gina won’t be making money, then’, there’s no reason. People making money off the dead… Continue reading Renewable energy rant

You Probably Won’t Read This. It’s About Climate Change

Originally posted on The Australian Independent Media Network:
Irreversible and severe damage is being inflicted on the planet from climate change. Science tells us we are responsible. “I wonder what price the people of tomorrow will pay for the stupidity of today” (John Lord). My youngest grandchild is 3 years old. In 70 years she will be my age. I often contemplate just what sort of a world the leaders of today are bequeathing the children of tomorrow. The evidence is irrefutable. The absence of political leadership in the face of a problem that might make two world wars by… Continue reading You Probably Won’t Read This. It’s About Climate Change

Delusional Denial

Q: Where does the festering denial of Human-Induced Climate Change* come from? A: It is borne purely out of selfishness, and a refusal to accept responsibility. * – Human-Induced Climate Change = HICC; my new acronym. I remember being taught about ‘the greenhouse effect’, in primary school.  The lesson revolved around the greenhouse effect as it pertains to a motor vehicle on a hot day, and what might happen to a poor neglected dog left to cook in said car on the aforementioned hot day, and then relating that to the planet Earth.  The organ-melting imagery of the dog in … Continue reading Delusional Denial