Seeking Sanity

The entire ‘argument’ in Australia surrounding asylum seekers and refugees is Shit.  And it’s Gotta Stop.  This should be short.  Because it is easy.  But we’ll see how we go… We don’t really have a lot to complain about here in Australia.  Stupid is about our biggest problem. Despite the fact that this ‘great nation’ was founded on resettled convicts, displaced indigenous peoples, and staying tied to the apron strings of colonial Great Britain, we have always been a nation wary of outsiders (maybe because we scared white folk know what we did and continue to do to the indigenous … Continue reading Seeking Sanity

Cash Cons – Take Two

Privatised jails – from the previous reblogged post. “Never heard of ‘private prisons’? The Prisoner-Industrial Complex – Private Prisons for Profit. Coming soon? Scary shit. The potential scenarios are nightmarish.” This video regarding the ‘private prison’ industry is now embedded for easier viewing… For some reason, reblogging it from elsewhere didn’t work too well, so apologies for that. AsGrayAsGray Continue reading Cash Cons – Take Two

Cash Cons: American private jails reap record profits

Originally posted on the news network:
If you’re looking for somewhere to invest, and aren’t too bothered about the moral implications – private jails could be an option. The number of inmates being held in them has swelled. And that’s giving private shareholders bumper profits. But as RT’s Marina Portnaya explains – there’s a huge conflict of interests. Continue reading Cash Cons: American private jails reap record profits