Conversation with big pharma on cannabis

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Cannabis is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. It is literally worth locking you in a cage with murderers and rapists just to protect you from this plant. Praguepot(PP): Sorry big pharma did you say something? Big pharma(BP): Don’t mind me, I am just mumbling to myself as I lovingly look over my profit and loss statements for 2014. Praguepot(PP): Good year for you? Big pharma(BP): In the drug business, it is always a good year! We have the perfect scam going, we give you medicine and then we give you more… Continue reading Conversation with big pharma on cannabis

An Unpublished Comment

Here is the comment I submitted in response to the post I just reblogged linked to here (which was moderated out of existence by the owner of that blog, an individual I shall from now on refer to as ‘Precious’): Hi, In the nicest possible way, I disagree with almost everything in your post. However, I do agree whole-heartedly with your last paragraph, and the “stop pussy footing around” sentiment in the 2nd last para. And, if legalisation was on the table, you wouldn’t have to be concerned about writing this post at all… most of your points would become moot, and that would … Continue reading An Unpublished Comment

Begin Rant: In opposition to legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use

I do not agree with most of this post, but am reblogging linking to it because I made comment about it (in a rather civil manner), which I am about to publish, and that comment would therefore require context. Note: I had originally reblogged this post from the source, however, as further punishment for my dissenting view, the author there decided in their infinite wisdom to disallow that (I see that they have subsequently disabled their Reblog button.  Smart.).  However!, I am free to provide a link (! ha !), continue to assist them with their hit-count, and in this way provide the … Continue reading Begin Rant: In opposition to legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use