Gemstone – The Photostat Dump [Pt. 3]

Heroin from the Golden Triangle was sometimes smuggled into San Francisco in the bodies of American GIs who died in battle in Vietnam. One body can hold up to 40 pounds of heroin, crammed in where the guts would be.
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Trust Us

In a joint statement from members of the Global Alliance for Virtuous Banking (GAVBank), account holders everywhere are being assured that “banks are good”.  The statement was issued in response to recent revelations that HSBC had allegedly acted as the conduit for a paltry €180Bn of tax dodges, drug money, blood diamonds and bankrolling of terrorists. The statement informs banking customers that: There is no need for concern.  Your money is totally safe with us, and is in no way used to fund or support illegal or unsavoury activities anywhere.  That’s what Bitcoin is for.  You should really stay away from … Continue reading Trust Us

Cannabis, cancer and big pharma

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Scientific research carried out by the American government in 1975 showed the powerful cancer fighting ability of THC and other compounds within the plant. They have known since then that cannabis combats tumor growth and in some cases kills the cancerous cells altogether. There is a reason we instinctively don’t trust our governments, and this is the reason. Big pharmaceutical companies, who know they couldn’t get the complete patent for cannabis, bought and paid for the silence of politicians. We know that politicians have first and foremost, their own interests at heart, so if big… Continue reading Cannabis, cancer and big pharma

Begin Rant: In opposition to legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use

I do not agree with most of this post, but am reblogging linking to it because I made comment about it (in a rather civil manner), which I am about to publish, and that comment would therefore require context. Note: I had originally reblogged this post from the source, however, as further punishment for my dissenting view, the author there decided in their infinite wisdom to disallow that (I see that they have subsequently disabled their Reblog button.  Smart.).  However!, I am free to provide a link (! ha !), continue to assist them with their hit-count, and in this way provide the … Continue reading Begin Rant: In opposition to legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use