Australia Stunned into inaction

Originally posted on Nuclear Ideas:
I’ve been so dumbfounded by what’s transpiring in our country at the moment it’s difficult to find the words but after listening to PJK on TV a couple of nights ago just had to have a rave This budget is on my mind and I’m disgusted by what our country has allowed to happen. We no longer live in a democratic country we have a small amount of people with huge amounts of inherited wealth that has become capitol growing faster than the countries economy. This fast growing capitol allows this small percentile group to… Continue reading Australia Stunned into inaction

Seeking Sanity

The entire ‘argument’ in Australia surrounding asylum seekers and refugees is Shit.  And it’s Gotta Stop.  This should be short.  Because it is easy.  But we’ll see how we go… We don’t really have a lot to complain about here in Australia.  Stupid is about our biggest problem. Despite the fact that this ‘great nation’ was founded on resettled convicts, displaced indigenous peoples, and staying tied to the apron strings of colonial Great Britain, we have always been a nation wary of outsiders (maybe because we scared white folk know what we did and continue to do to the indigenous … Continue reading Seeking Sanity

Exploit The Boats!

NEWSFLASH!  POST BY GUEST AUTHOR!!! Exciting milestone on this blog, for the first time, I have a guest author; the inimitable Mick Trembath (troubadour, roustabout, man-about-town, etc).  Here, Mick has crystallised key and timely elements of a massive issue for Australia and the World, an issue with no easy of answers, an issue exploited by… Here, let Mr. Trembath take over: O.k. I’m just going to weigh in on the Rudd/Refugee thing. If I were a warmongering c*nt I’d start a war to displace people, then basically make them pay to exist.  Then I’d make people so desperate that they’d … Continue reading Exploit The Boats!