Cannabis, cancer and big pharma

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Scientific research carried out by the American government in 1975 showed the powerful cancer fighting ability of THC and other compounds within the plant. They have known since then that cannabis combats tumor growth and in some cases kills the cancerous cells altogether. There is a reason we instinctively don’t trust our governments, and this is the reason. Big pharmaceutical companies, who know they couldn’t get the complete patent for cannabis, bought and paid for the silence of politicians. We know that politicians have first and foremost, their own interests at heart, so if big… Continue reading Cannabis, cancer and big pharma

Convulsion Induction – RePost for #Ferguson

Non-Lethal Weapons seem like a great idea, and their proper development should probably be encouraged, in order to prevent unnecessary deaths from firearm use by law enforcement agencies.  But they are often abused, misused, or overused.  The concern escalates when corporate and institutional corruption are involved – where the stock price of the non-lethal weapon manufacturer is of higher importance than the suitability of the weapon or the safety of the individuals upon whom their non-lethality is unleashed. And that is the Shit that’s Gotta Stop.  Weasels in suits engaging in some mutually-beneficial back-scratching behind closed doors, or under oak … Continue reading Convulsion Induction – RePost for #Ferguson

Renewable energy rant

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Alright, so let’s, for the next few minutes, pretend that the current Australian government (or any, for that matter) knows what they’re talking about. Imagine if climate change/global warming really were just coincidences, and that humans have no impact on our planet, or that the planet simply isn’t getting warmer, just as the coalition would like us to think, and then tell me one reason why we shouldn’t be phasing into completely relying on renewable energy. Other than ‘but Tony’s ‘friends’ like Gina won’t be making money, then’, there’s no reason. People making money off the dead… Continue reading Renewable energy rant

Killer Video

Imagine, if you will, being an asylum seeker. Imagine you have made a series of decisions based on your desire to survive. Imagine that, eventually, after months in camps and on a leaky boat, you have arrived at a secured facility on an island. Imagine what you would think after being forced to watch the above video. People with no compassion laugh at the suicides, the self-immolations, and the rapes and murders. They have not spared one minute to imagine the horror that would descend upon a human person as the video of the expressionless white face played out, telling … Continue reading Killer Video

Ok, when will someone ask Abbott the obvious question?

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This morning I heard on the news that Abbott told the Minerals Council that the Medicare co-payment was absolutely necessary to fix the “Budget mess” – and oh, he still wants to abolish the Mining Tax because apparently, we can afford that. Now I’m not going to go all lefty here, or even challenge his rather dubious assertion that most families don’t pay to go to the doctor, but the taxpayer always pays. (Why don’t those families pay tax, I wonder?) I just want someone to ask him one question: If $5… Continue reading Ok, when will someone ask Abbott the obvious question?

Australia Stunned into inaction

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I’ve been so dumbfounded by what’s transpiring in our country at the moment it’s difficult to find the words but after listening to PJK on TV a couple of nights ago just had to have a rave This budget is on my mind and I’m disgusted by what our country has allowed to happen. We no longer live in a democratic country we have a small amount of people with huge amounts of inherited wealth that has become capitol growing faster than the countries economy. This fast growing capitol allows this small percentile group to… Continue reading Australia Stunned into inaction

Boycott! List Update #2

A very short post here. I’ve finally gotten around to adding Coca-Cola to my Boycott! list.  See this, here, for the updated list page. Coca-Cola: playing both sides of the great game since forever.  Coke loved Hitler almost as much as Henry Ford did… I can’t wait for the ban on boycotts that’s been talked about in Australia.  I guess I’ll be going to jail. Boycott, boycott, boycott. If you read my Boycott! page and think that there is something else I should add, or some reason that I’m wrong to boycott anything in particular, let me know! AsGrayAsGray Continue reading Boycott! List Update #2

Seeking Sanity

The entire ‘argument’ in Australia surrounding asylum seekers and refugees is Shit.  And it’s Gotta Stop.  This should be short.  Because it is easy.  But we’ll see how we go… We don’t really have a lot to complain about here in Australia.  Stupid is about our biggest problem. Despite the fact that this ‘great nation’ was founded on resettled convicts, displaced indigenous peoples, and staying tied to the apron strings of colonial Great Britain, we have always been a nation wary of outsiders (maybe because we scared white folk know what we did and continue to do to the indigenous … Continue reading Seeking Sanity

Boycott! List Update #1

I.  Have.  Finally.  Done It!! With the aid of my new little friend, the e-cigarette, I have, after 23 years of on again-off again tobacco smoking, kicked tobacco out of my life. It’s been 8 days since my last ‘traditional’ toxin-laden tobacco cigarette death machine. No, using an e-cig is NOT cheating.  I am brimming with confidence that my days as a ‘filthy smoker’ are over.  No other method has given me this confidence.  Nicotine patches made my heart palpitate like crazy.  Nicotine gum was so awful, that after a single taste I just knew it would never help.  Pharmaceutical … Continue reading Boycott! List Update #1