Foxes In The Henhouse

ADDENDUM: I posted this back in February, and it is still valid, I think.  Since then, the foxes have been salivating at their seemingly endless menu of victims, and have eaten quite a few more helpless souls.  And the Number 1 fox, doing his utmost to divert attention from his and his government’s cruelty and ineptitude, has (in no particular order): declared war on Russia found and then lost a missing plane failed to retrieve ‘bodies, and parts of bodies’ (and save them from the ‘ravages of heat, and of animals’) that were disgorged from another plane in Ukraine and also declared … Continue reading Foxes In The Henhouse

Rapture Machine

TRIGGER WARNING: This post pours boiling oil onto prophecy-believing Christians, Jews and Muslims, and all the fakes (politicians, lobbyists, captains of industry & religion, etc.) who are doing their utmost to artificially fulfill an ancient prophecy.  If you are offended by having your beliefs/faith challenged, then press your ‘Back’ button now!   If you were a bit crazy, or a bit led astray, you might believe some of those stories in the Bible (or similar tales from Torah, or Qur’an) that tell of the End Times, and the Revelation, and the Rapture (or similar devices in Torah, or Qur’an). If … Continue reading Rapture Machine

The giant and the boy who threw stones

A well-constructed piece on the Israel/Palestine affair from Deconstructing Myths (reblogged, with thanks!). Go read it. It’s a little over 18 months old, and has surfaced again in line with the currently ongoing bombardment and mass-slaying. Well worth the read, and well worth following up with many of the informative links in this post. Peace. Out. Continue reading The giant and the boy who threw stones

Lost Tribes

Yes.  It’s true.  I’m going there.  Israel versus Palestine. I’ve heard tell that one should Never Drink And Blog; well, here I am with a significant proportion of Canadian whisky coursing about within me, and I’m about to go white-phosphorous ballistic on your arse, Israel… and Palestine. For as long as I can remember seeing news programs on a television, there has been an almost constant tragic roller-coaster of peace and combat, hope and hopes dashed, ceasefires and rockets, settlements and fragmented families – Israel, Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza, the whole mess.  Peace protesters have been killed.  Celebrations … Continue reading Lost Tribes