Why I Am A Bad Writer

Here are 13 reasons why I’m not actually a ‘writer’ of any description: I haven’t written anything ‘worthy’, thus far I haven’t provided sexual favours to a publisher I don’t write often enough I write what I want, when I want, and am my own biggest fan I write in the form of a ‘blog’ – and nobody but bloggers take bloggers seriously.  And even then… I also write in the form of ‘tweets’ – and my tweets are at a whole other level that people just don’t understand because I am operating at a whole other level (i.e., I … Continue reading Why I Am A Bad Writer

Some Tweet Poetry

I’ve been writing a few little fit-in-a-tweet poems, and thought I’d share them with the better half of my social media world (yes, you, reading this right now). Because I am such a tech guru (!), I’m ’embedding’ them here (WOW, I know, right?).  Well, I’ll try anyway.  If it doesn’t work as planned, I’ll hastily edit to replace with screenshots…  Apologies in advance if I fuck it up and you’re one of the ripped-off early readers who sees a half-arsed shemozzle of a post. [EDIT: As predicted, I fucked it up, so I tried 5,000 different things, and now it finally … Continue reading Some Tweet Poetry

In Defence Of News Corp’s ‘Sexist’ Obituary Writers

So-called ‘feminists’ everywhere are having baby cows over a ‘sexist’ obituary in our Dear Leader Rupert’s News Corp news rags all around Australia.  The text under the microscope is as follows: COLLEEN McCullough, Australia’s bestselling author, was a charmer. Plain of feature, and certainly overweight, she was, nevertheless a woman of wit and warmth. In one interview, she said: “I’ve never been into clothes or figure and the interesting thing is I never had any trouble attracting men.” Now, just forget for a moment that Ms. McCullough sold over 30 million copies of a book she wrote (and many other … Continue reading In Defence Of News Corp’s ‘Sexist’ Obituary Writers

Changing Direction

Taking cues from my readers and other blogs I follow and interactions on other social media things, it’s time to dedicate some effort to ‘crystallizing’ the aim, intent, and … the SOUL, I guess … of this here Shit Web-Log. It’s time to go the full retard FULL SATIRE.  I’ll probably have to look that up on urban wiktionary or something so I know what I’m supposed to be doing… Why didn’t I do this to begin with? Maybe because I was trying to be all serious, and all things to all people, and maybe I thought I couldn’t pull … Continue reading Changing Direction

The Cloudies! 2014 – 2015

Originally posted on Esme's Cloud:
The Cloudies! Like the Oscars…..but better! (Warning, strong language, potentially bloody awful grammar and descriptions that may leave faint those of a nervous disposition follow (but no nudity I’m afraid)). It was one year ago to this very day that sonmi and the Cloud first alighted upon the blogosphere after wandering in the wilderness for many aeons, knowing not if she would be staying for long, or flying off lightly after a few cautious transmissions. She was here only for the words and it was the words that insisted she remain, at first. Inspiration is here in… Continue reading The Cloudies! 2014 – 2015

I’d Like To Thank God, My Mom, My Casting Agent…

(Photo credit: skulzstudios, via Deconstructing Myths) Hey there dear readers, One of my brilliantly-crafted posts on this here web-log was awarded an award! I noticed a ‘pingback’ in my comments a few days back and must have had my brain seated incorrectly on its mounting bracket that day, because I didn’t think any more of it (even though it had the word ‘Award’ in it… ‘derp’.). Anyway, my post ‘Word of the Moment #1‘ was chosen as one of the recipients of the Jeffster Awards, issue number 33. Cool, huh? Go check out the Jeffsters at the link above, and … Continue reading I’d Like To Thank God, My Mom, My Casting Agent…